Rules & Regulations: [Top]


   1.    Fee should be deposited in cash on or before the due date given in Installment Plan.

          In case of Cheque – Account Payee cheque must be given in name of:

          "Mata Gujri Girls’ Public School".

          In case the cheque is dishonoured, fee has to be deposited in cash, with a fine of Rs. 200/-

          and bank charges as charged by the Bank.

   2.    No deduction is made in the fee for the absence of children.

   3.    It is advised to the parents that they should obtain ‘No Dues Certificate’ from the Accounts

          Office, before the Final Examination is prescribed format without which the Admit Card for

          examination may not be given to appear in the examination.

   4.    Bus facility is available. Once opted, it is to be used for the whole session and not for any

          part thereof. If facility is withdrawn in mid of the session no refund will be made.

   5.    Fee can be deposited in four installments i.e.

          (Due dates)

               I    Installment         1st April to 10th April

               II   Installment         1st July to 10th July

               III  Installment        1st October to 10th October

               IV  Installment        1st January to 10th January


           If fee is not paid as per the last due date given above, it should be paid with a fine of

           Rs. 10/- per day as late fee.


   6.    No deduction is made in transport, mess & school fee for the absence of children.


  1. Maintain perfect silence in the library,
  2. Enter the library in a disciplined manner in a proper line.
  3. Do not push each other while entering the library or occupying the seat.
  4. Get the books issued one by one as per the directions of the librarian.
  5. Return the book on due date.
  6. Do not spoil the book or magazines or disfigure/damage the pages of books/ magazine.
  7. Obey the instructions of the librarian.
  8. Keep the books in an orderly manner on the table and not on the racks.
  9. Fine:
    • If a student does not return the book on the stipulated date, she will be fined Rs. 5 per day.
    • The student should check carefully while being issued the book.
    • In case of torn pages and any damage to the book, the cost of the book along with an additional penalty of 25% of the cost will be levied and the book will be returned to the student.
    • In case of loss of the book 25% additional cost will be charged.
    • The student will be issued a receipt from the Accounts Section for any payment.

Science Laboratories & Computer Room

  1. Enter in a disciplined and quiet manner.
  2. Wear the apron/coat as prescribed by the school.
  3. Do not remove any chemical or equipment without permission of the teacher.
  4. Not indulge in any kind of experimentation except that which is authorized by the teacher in-charge.
  5. Fine would the levied for any damage to instruments or glassware.


  1. Reach in time along with other students of the class in a queue.
  2. Move towards the dinning hall silently in queues without pushing or elbowing each other.
  3. Not rush or push each other to occupy seats.
  4. Not get involved in fights for occupying their preferred seats.
  5. What their hands before they begin to have meals.
  6. Occupy seats in the dinning hall according to the seating plan in a correct posture.
  7. Avoid speaking unnecessarily while eating.
  8. Speak in English.
  9. Don’t shout for demanding any stuff.
  10. Not clatter or bang plates for asking any stuff.
  11. Take helpings according to need only.
  12. Finish the entire quantity served and avoid wastage of food.
  13. Remove and keep the plate in the bins provided for this purpose silently without noise after finishing their food.
  14. Wash hands and clean mouth properly after finishing food.